The understated hot spot
for the ultimate retiree.


Feel the energy, join the movement, and be part of the rebirth.

Drive down Broadway street to experience the vibrant shops, busy restaurants, and brand-new developments.

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - 100 Best Places to Live 2021

The Villas at Creekside is a luxury, gated community with a wealth of high-end amenities and natural beauty. Located in a thriving university town, The Villas offers residents easy access to a multitude of sporting and cultural events. Check us out in Ideal Living to see why you should come home to Pittsburg.

Creekside Villas - Specialty mens boutique

Pick out a suit from the family that moved back from Kansas City to launch an innovative specialty men’s boutique.

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Brewery

Have a drink with the airline pilot turned brewery owner who studied beer in Vermont and pizza in New York City.  

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Coffee experts

Sip a cup of joe alongside the coffee experts from Minnesota who planned a day trip to visit the university…and never left. 

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Axe throwing

Meet the family that lived in California, visited Chicago, then returned to Pittsburg to start an axe-throwing trend.

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Dreamers and doers

Talk with the dreamers and doers who transformed four historic buildings in the heart of the city into an exciting hub for entrepreneurship, innovative housing, and some of the most mouthwatering food in the Midwest. 

There’s something happening here.

Our healthcare system is among the best in the region. From the nationally-acclaimed Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas and Ascension Via Christi hospital to award-winning dentists and optometrists, Pittsburg is prepared to serve your every need.

Community Health Center Baxter Kansas
Community Health Center Southeast Kansas
Community Health Center Southeast Kansas
Community Health Center Southeast Kansas
Community Health Center Southeast Kansas
Community Health Center Southeast Kansas

For the future doctors, dentists, teachers, and designers, Pittsburg boasts an excellent public school system, a parochial K-12 school, and one of the nation’s premier public universities.

When it’s time to unwind and enjoy some culture, we have plenty of options.

Center for the Arts, Art Walk, Art Crawl, ArtForms.
Festivals, live music, dancing. Pittsburg State University sports and arts.
Not to mention the tasty food trucks.

And through it all … the charm of a quiet (but not too quiet) Midwestern small town.

Creekside Villas - Entertainment 1
Creekside Villas - Entertainment 2
Creekside Villas - Entertainment 3
Creekside Villas - Entertainment 4
Creekside Villas - Entertainment 5

There’s something happening here.

We all like to get out of town once in a while. Good thing we’re in the middle of everything.  Pittsburg is just about two hours away from the buzz of Kansas City, the history of Wichita, the art scene in Tulsa, and the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas.

Ok, sure. We’re biased. But they aren’t:

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Work from home


Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Diamond in the rough

Embracing a Millionaire Mindset Just Down the Road From Kansas City

Creekside Villas - Why Pittsburg - Millionaire Mindset


Ascension Grade A Award


CHC Ground Breaking


See. We told you.

There’s something happening here.

Come see for yourself.